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Virtual Skin Care Coaching

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It's not easy trying to navigate which skin care products are right for you!  So, stop guessing and wasting your money.  Stop listening to sales people, untrained influencers and friends and get rid of the "product graveyard" in your bathroom.

Book your one-on-one video consultation with Joan, a licensed esthetician with 15 years experience, and receive personalized product and treatment suggestions.


STEP 1.  Book your appointment

You may book your consultation online or by calling/texting 561.802.7575.  Each consultation is 30 minutes and is set in Eastern Standard Time.  The consultation fee is $40 and will be applied toward any order over $100 should you decide to purchase products at the end of your appointment.

STEP 2. Complete your Skin Care Assessment form

This questionnaire will help me gain insight into your concerns and goals.  You will also be asked to upload pictures of your bare skin in natural light.

STEP 3. Your Virtual Appointment

Your appointment will happen via Zoom or FaceTime where we will discuss your concerns and goals.  I will evaluate  the pictures sent and review the information provided on your Skin Care Assessment form, as well as the products you are currently using.

STEP 4. Customized Skin Care Routine & Treatment Plan

Together we'll create a customized at-home skin care regimen to get you on your way to glowing, healthy and younger looking skin.  Your customized routine will include step-by-step instructions and will be shipped directly to your door.

STEP 5.  Follow Up

We will schedule a follow up appointment to discuss your new daily routine and results.

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