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Skin Rx Signature Facial

At Skin Rx Beauty Lab all of our treatments begin with a consultation. Based on my diagnosis and your skincare concerns and goals, together we will make a treatment plan to provide you with amazing results!

Great skin is not achieved with a “one size fits all” approach, so after an analysis each facial will be tailored to your individual needs using only products provided by the best that nature and science have to offer.

Getting facials regularly during each skin cycle (every 4 – 6 weeks) will keep your skin looking younger longer with a healthy glow! Treatment results are achieved better and maintained when combined with a home care program of professional skincare products.

  • Cleansing / Analysis – The first step is a double cleanse with a professional cleanser chosen for your skin type. Once makeup has been removed and your skin is clean, an analysis will be done under a mag lite.

  • Exfoliation – An enzyme exfoliation, with or without steam, brings immediate radiance and clarity to the skin by loosening dead skin cells and, if needed, is followed by extractions.

Cocoa Enzyme – Who doesn’t feel better after a little chocolate? Therapeutically, cocoa contains over 100 useful components to enhance health and appearance. This enzyme is excellent for sensitive skin, rosacea and acne.

Raspberry Enzyme – This brightening enzyme contains red raspberry seed extract designed to deliver essential antioxidants and brighten the skin. The gentle exfoliation of natural pineapple and papaya enzymes will effectively polish and rejuvenate resulting in a healthy glow especially for sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin.

Zymase Enzyme – This powerful enzyme contains multiple forms of vitamin C designed to brighten, tighten and exfoliate the skin. When combined with the gentle exfoliation of natural pineapple and papaya enzymes we can slow down the visible signs of aging especially for photo-damaged and thicker skin types.

  • Massage – When the muscles on your face tense up, they are more likely to harbor wrinkles. A facial massage relaxes your facial muscles, brings oxygen to the skin and increases blood flow which in turn increases the production of collagen.

  • Mask - For centuries, muds, clays, milks, seaweed, and herbs have been used by Roman, Egyptian, and Asian civilizations as masks to maintain the beauty of the skin, treat its specific concerns, and protect it. The application of a mask provides the maximum opportunity for absorption of active ingredients within a facial treatment. 

The electrolyte infused hydrojelly mask, made primarily from algae, is a new generation peel-off mask with electrolyte technology. These electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, phosphorous, bicarbonate, and sodium pyrophosphate) help the skin achieve a natural moisture balance that is essential to keeping the skin healthy, beautiful and in great working order. Algae produces 60% of the oxygen we use every day, so infusing it into the skin detoxifies and boosts the skin’s defenses against a variety of environmental stressors.

Antioxidant Goji Mask – Organic goji berry and organic pomegranate powder promote

anti-aging and antioxidant properties due to its high concentration of vitamin C providing

a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion.

Egyptian Rose Mask – Organic rose petals and rose bud powder offer amazing moisturizing

properties. Rose is also useful in treating rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It brightens and

tightens the skin and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties can help ease

flare-ups and redness.

Growth Factor Mask – This mask is a rich source of bioactive nutrients including essential

amino acids, superoxide dismutase and epidermal growth factors which results in more

youthful skin. The additional ingredient of 24 karat gold powder minimizes lines, wrinkles,

blemishes and large pores. Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her

complexion and keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful!

Super Greens Mask – The key organic ingredients of kale, spinach, alfalfa, spirulina and

moringa leaf support firming and tightening of the skin, reduce the appearance of dark

circles, restore pH balance, cleanse the skin of impurities and prevents the visible signs of aging.

Brightening Complex Mask – The key ingredients of organic lemon juice powder and glutathione reduce pigmentation and diminish the appearance of age spots, and blemishes to promote a bright, lustrous and even-toned complexion!

  • Nourish, Hydrate & Protect – A final application of a serum, moisturizer and/or sun block top off your treatment.

$99 / 60 min

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Book online or call/text (561) 802-7575

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