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Non-Laser Permanent Hair Removal

Introducing the newest technology in permanent hair removal!!  Book Your Appointment Today!!

  • 100% natural formula

  • More affordable and less painful than laser and electrolysis

  • Suitable for all hair colors including blonde, red, gray and vellus hair (peach fuzz)

  • Safe for all skin colors with no worry of pigmentation or burns

  • Permanently reduces unwanted hair growth while nourishing & softening the skin

  • Can safely remove hair on tattoos without damage or discoloration

How does it work?

After waxing, the natural ingredients are applied which permanently stops the duplication of hair cells in the hair follicle.  The average person requires approximately 6 - 12 treatments depending on hair type and rate of growth.  Hair growth cycles are 3 - 6 months and treatments must continue thru each cycle without interruption for a reduction in frequency. 

The Science behind EpilFree

The EpilFree formula was developed by Dr. Yoel Konis, PhD who has over 27 years of experience preparing and inventing formulas, patents and cosmetic solutions.  He discovered the EpilFree formula during his research for the healing of skin diseases that cause uncontrollable cell division.  Two of these herbal and plant solutions were Alcanilia Vulgaris a.k.a. "Ladies Mantle" and Greater Celandine both of which disrupt and impede the cell division process.  When testing these ingredients for healing skin diseases, a "side effect" was that the hair in the treated area did not grow back.  As a result, EpilFree was discovered and developed as a new alternative solution for removing unwanted hair.  It has been used in Europe since 2000 and is now available in the US!

Call (561) 802-7575 for pricing!!

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